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Swiss chard Celebration Multicolor

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Swiss chard Celebration Multicolor

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High percentage of red, yellow, orange and pink petioles, very little of white. Ideal to add colours in your recipes.

Maturity after sowing (days)


Plant Height (cm)


Leaf type

Dark green savoyed

Stem colour




Green Thumb

Cultural practices : sown Swiss chard early in the season directly in the garden in rich and well-prepared soil.

Soil : rich and loose.

Spacing : space the rows at 45 cm apart and thin seedlings 30 cm apart on the row.

Growing tips : this vegetable is low maintenance. However, it has certain requirements if you want to make a good crop: It tolerates heat well, but hates drought. It needs to be well watered, especially on the hottest days. To retain moisture, it is best to cover the soil with mulch. Water deeply, directly at the base of the plant, preferably in the morning or at the end of the day so that the water does not evaporate too quickly

Harvest : for continuous harvesting, harvest the outer leaves first and continue harvesting if necessary. Rich in vitamins, Swiss chard is very similar to spinach for appearance and taste.

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beans, cabbage, onion

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