Shipping policy

Shipping policy

Purolator – Canada Post – Pick Up

Shipping methods

All W.H. Perron orders are delivered by the designated carrier of your area.

We ship to Canada only.

Handling and shipping fees 

Quebec regions (except for areas with postal codes starting by J0M), Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Purchases                                Handling and shipping fees

0,01 $ – 99.99 $                                      14.95 $

100.00 $ and more                                Free

Newfoundland and Labrador / P.E.I. / Quebec J0M / Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba / Nunavut / Yukon / N.W.T and British Columbia Regions with postal codes starting with:  A / C / J0M/ R/ S/ T/ V/ X/Y

Purchases                                   Handling and shipping fees

  0,01 $ and more                               24.95 $


Pick Up

NEW for 2024 – We offer you the opportunity to pick up your order at our offices located at 2914 boulevard Curé-Labelle, H7P 5R9, Laval. This option is free of charge. However, a delay of 48 hours is requested. Only available by contacting customer service at 450-682-9071 / 800-723-9071.


Shipping by Canada Post

The mail delivery, at a cost of $3.95, is available for orders of 5 or less packages (Excluding: Beet, Pumpkin, Beans, Peas, Bean Broads, Corn and formats larger than 010/01N). This option is available only by contacting our customer service at 450-682-9071 / 800-561-9693. However, delivery from this specific carrier is not guaranteed. No refunds are offered in the event of package loss.


Strawberry plugs, potatoes, and onions.

Fixed handling and shipping costs of $11.95 are added to orders that include strawberry plugs, potatoes and onions.

Due to the sensitivity of the products, climatic variations and complexity of transport operations, W.H. Perron informs you that unfortunately, strawberry plugs, potatoes and onions will no longer be shipped to these regions: Newfoundland and Labrador / PEI / Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba / Nunavut / Yukon / N.W.T and British Columbia.

Shipment schedule:

WH. Perron Shipment Schedule

Seeds, accessories The seasonal period is very busy for us and so, you must allow at least ten (10) days for shipping of orders, after we receive your order. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for deliveries in Western Canada: Alberta/Manitoba/Nunavut/Yukon/N.W.T/Saskatchewan/British Columbia

Potato Seeds – Onion: May As soon as there is no more frost risk and until supplies last.

Strawberry Plugs: May As soon as there is no more frost risk and until supplies last.

Carrier: W.H. Perron reserves the right to select the carrier according to served areas.

A credit will be sent to you for all items marked with a «D» (out of stock) or «F» (poor harvest) on your delivery slip.

Reception of your order

As soon as you receive your order, check rapidly the content to ensure that all the products are as requested.  If there is any mistake or a problem, contact us immediately. For a germination problem or a growth problem, please refer to our guarantee.