Beet Avalanche White F1

Beet Avalanche White F1

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Avalanche is a pure white beet that exhibits a mild, sweet taste with a uniform root shape and no reddish tinge, making for more attractive produce. You will rave about the raw eating quality when you will discover there is no earthy beet taste, or any bitter aftertaste. Grow them with gold and red beet for an attractive roots trio. 2015 AAS Winner.

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Medium green

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Green Thumb

Cultural practices : sow seeds directly in the garden from May to the beginning of July. The beets will have a better taste when they grow quickly and steadily.

Soil : light and slightly sandy soil with a pH of 6.0 or higher. The soil should be free of stones and clumps to allow the proper development of the root system. Work the soil thoroughly with compost or manure.

Spacing : sow 1 cm deep. Clear plants 8 cm apart on rows, spaced the rows at least 30–40 cm apart.

Growing tips : heavy rains after a long period of dry weather will result in poor root colour. These drought periods will also cause tough or woody roots. Keep the beets well watered. A full sun exposure is ideal.

Harvest : beets are tender as soon as they reach half their size, but harden when they become larger. When the plants are young, the leaves make delicious greens.

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