Corn Salad Match

Corn Salad Match

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Flexibility and great quality of leaves. Match is an easy-to-grow crop that can produce a good harvest over a long period. This modern variety is also slow to have the leaves turn yellow. Replaces the Valgros variety.

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Cultural practices : sow corn lettuce in early spring directly in the garden. Its germination is slow. Successive sowing is recommended.

Soil : not very sensitive to the nature of the soil, lamb's lettuce likes it to be well drained.

Spacing : sow only 1 cm deep, Thin out to 5 -10 cm while leaving the small rosettes formed by the dark green leaves intact so that they reach maturity.

Growing tips : it is very easy to grow lamb's lettuce in a pot or in a planter, so you can enjoy it on your balcony or terrace.

Harvest : harvest at 6 cm high, without separating the leaves. When harvesting, there is no need to pull out the root, because it is full of soil, cut just above. By leaving the roots, you should have a second harvest. It is essential to harvest before the corn salad blooms.

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