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Cucumber Mouse Melon

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Cucumber Mouse Melon

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Tiny little cucumbers (Melothria scabra) known in Mexico as “sandíita” (little watermelon) and branded here as mouse melons. They have a prominent cucumber flavor with notes of sourness. A nice crunchy addition to summer salads, salsas and pickles. A delicious amusement in your garden.

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2 x 3

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Cultural practices : The Melothria scabra is a climbing plant that grows well on a trellis, if in limited growing space, or also directly in the ground. It can reach 2.5 m in height for a 0.5 m wingspans. Its growth is quite fast. Sow indoors in April before transplanting to the garden in full sun. Use "Jiffy" pots to reduce the shock of transplanting. When sowing directly in the garden the soil temperature should be around 16°C with no risk of frost on the ground. Emergence takes 10 days on average.

Soil : It is greedy and likes soft, rich, and fresh soil. It is recommended to add manure or compost to the soil.

Spacing : 60 cm between each and 1 m between rows.

Growing tips : before transplanting, water the soil well. It is advisable to use a dark mulch to protect the seeds and increase the soil temperature. The cucumber and the pickle are climbing plants which are of course cultivated in a trellis if you have limited space or on the ground if you want straighter fruit.

Harvest : they are eaten young when they reach the size of about 3 cm.

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