Potato Clancy Red F1

Potato Clancy Red F1

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Recommendations :
Indoor sowing : 6 weeks before transplanting in the garden. (*)
(*) From 7 to 10 days after the date of the last ground frost.

Our first potato from seed! The sterile seed eliminates the potential of introducing disease to the garden, is easier to store and will keep longer than potato tubers. Clancy produces compact and healthy dark green plants with blue flowers. Resulting spuds are a mix ranging from red to rose-blush skin tones with flesh of creamy white and yellow. Good texture and flavour (a happy medium between a yellow-skinned potato and a Russet), ideal for mashing or boiling. Start as transplants. Winner of AAS 2019.

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Cultural practices : Seedlings indoors, under light, approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the expected date of the last ground frost in your area. Harden the seedlings before planting in the garden. Growth is best at temperatures of 21-24 ° C or higher.

Soil : the soil must be well loosened before planting in order to lighten the soil as much as possible. So turn the earth over about 30 cm. Do not rush to plant, the soil must be sufficiently warmed up, because the potato needs soil at 10 ° deep to grow.

Spacing : keep a distance of about 30 cm to 40 cm between each tuber, burying them 10-15 cm deep. Also, if you have several furrows that they are spaced about 60 cm to 70 cm each. Position the tuber vertically, making sure the sprout is facing upwards.

Growing tips : when the plant is about 10-55 cm high, butt the foot with light soil. This operation, which consists of forming a small mound at the foot of the stems, aims to keep the plant in the ground, protect it from the wind and allow it to develop as well as possible. Potatoes especially fear drought and prolonged lack of water. Evening watering is recommended when the weather is hot and you see the foliage wilting. Do not wet the leaves to avoid the appearance of diseases such as fungi. In order to avoid any risk of drought in the soil, it is advisable to put a mulch at the foot of the potato plants.

Harvest : it is unnecessary to harvest the potatoes before the foliage is completely yellowed. This essential yellowing step indicates that harvest is imminent. But it also indicates that you shouldn't wait any longer, because a complete drying out of the foliage would be a sign that you have waited too long.

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