Pumpkin Atlantic Giant

Pumpkin Atlantic Giant

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This “jolly orange giant” was created by Mr. Howard Dill of Windsor in Nova Scotia. Each year, it is quite in demand by both the curious and competitive growers. ‘Atlantic Giant’ has shattered all previous records.

Maturity after sowing (days)


Fruit size (cm)

100 x 100+

Fruit weight (kg)

50 +

Fruit shape



Very Large


Extra large


Pale orange



Green Thumb

Cultural practices : sow a seed directly in the garden when there is no more risk of frost and the soil is warm.

Soil : rich and well drained.

Spacing : plant four to five seeds 2.5 cm deep in mounds 2 m apart. Thin out to 2 or 3 plants.

Growing tips : pumpkins require fertile soil, add a generous amount of organic matter when sowing. Adequate humidity is required for its cultivation, water slowly and deeply. What would autumn be without the presence of pumpkins in our gardens!

Harvest : harvest when the pumpkin is dark orange and store in a cool, dry place.

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Growing plants from seeds


Rival plant

potatoes, cabbage

Companion plants

bean, corn, radish, mint, marjoram

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