Rutabaga Laurentien Thomson

Rutabaga Laurentien Thomson

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A round purplish root with a great taste for all your slow- cooked recipes. Long storage life if kept in a cool place.

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Cultural practices : Plant as soon as the soil allows for an early harvest. Sow in early June for a main harvest. It is necessary to work the soil well for a good development of the roots.

Soil : Rich in humus, well drained

Spacing : The row spacing is 60 to 75 cm and between plants 8 to 10 cm.

Growing tips : Once properly in place, the maintenance of rutabaga remains quite simple because it is a plant that requires little care. Remember to weed and hoe around the rutabaga to allow the water to penetrate well into the soil. Mulching leaves or dried mowing helps keep it cool during the summer.

Harvest : harvest them after the first frost, which improves their sweetness. Store them like potatoes.

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