Shallot Multiplier or potato onion

Shallot Multiplier or potato onion

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Onion forming a bunch of shallots (7 to 8). Leave 15 to 20 cm between the little bulbs.





Companion plants

beet, cabbage, strawberry, lettuce, potato

Rival plants

chives, beans, peas, soybeans, tomatoes



Cultivation mode

Plantation : Sow in the spring when the soil is workable, on a firm seedbed.

Soil : Grow them in an open area, on fertile medium to light soil that is well drained. Prepare soil by digging in a good quantity of well-rotted manure. Do not plant in fresh manure. An all-purpose feed may be worked into the seedbed before sowing. They have low nitrogen requirements.

Spacing : Press bulbs in the soil about 10 cm apart.

Cultural practices : Keep site free of weeds. They have fairly small roots and need small quantities of water once well established. Plant in full sun.

Harvest : Tops will turn brown and wilt. For fresh use, pull or lift as needed. For storage, make sure that the outer skins are thoroughly dry before putting in storage. Handle carefully to prevent storage rot. Store in a cool dry area.

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Companion plants

beet, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, potatoes, strawberry, tomato

Rival plants

chives, beans, peas, soybeans, tomatoes