Artichoke Imperial Star

Artichoke Imperial Star

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Recommendations :
Indoor sowing : 10 weeks before transplanting in the garden. (*)
(*) From 7 to 10 days after the date of the last ground frost.

The home gardener’s choice! A high quality, very uniform selection producing 6 to 8 artichokes of 7 to 10 cm in diameter.

Maturity after tranplantation (days)




Green Thumb

Cultural practices : Artichoke is a tender perennial grown as an annual. Sow in 8 cm peat pots. Harden off in May. Transplant it, in the ground, 4 to 6 cm deep, when all danger of frost has passed. Mulch heavily.

Soil : humid, draining, fresh, healthy and deep.

Spacing : 80 cm on row and 1 m between rows.

Growing tips : Artichokes need water and are even very greedy, but they also dread soils that are too wet, especially when the water stagnates and causes the roots to rot. It is therefore advisable to water regularly but not excessively. Avoid wetting the leaves when watering to prevent the development of mildew.

Harvest : Harvest buds once they are large and swollen, but before flowers appear. The central bud usually ripens first, followed by the smaller ones that form on the lateral shoots.

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