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Basil Emily (Genovese)

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Basil Emily (Genovese)

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New Genovese type dwarf basil particularly well adapted for containers. This basil was bred to have shorter stem lengths between nodes while keeping its large and aromatic leaves. Emily has a longer shelf life after harvest than most basil varieties, and keeps longer than most Genovese types under refrigeration.



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Plantation : Indoor: Sow in March, taking care not to cover the seeds. Basil is fragile to damping-off, it is recommended to sow it under artificial light and use a heating mat. Maintain the temperature of the seedlings at 21 ° C.Outdoor: Sow directly in the vegetable garden when all risk of frost has been eliminated.

Soil : Indoor: A well-drained, porous sowing media is best to prevent overwatering. Outdoor: A compost-rich potting soil for container growing and well-drained soil that is rich, but remains cool for garden cultivation.

Spacing : 25-30 cm in the row and 30 cm between the rows. For balcony or patio cultivation, transplant in container of 25 cm in diameter.

Cultural practices : basil loves the sun, requires a lot of heat and watering to thrive, and hates the wind. Once the plant is six inches tall, pinch to encourage branching and remove flower buds to promote more foliage.

Harvest : harvest the outer leaves first and continue harvesting as needed. Basil can be stored either frozen or dried. The months of July and August are the best time to harvest the leaves to be frozen.

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Latin name

Occimum basilicum

Companion plants

ground cherry, okra, pepper, tomato

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