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Bush bean Hawaii Green Cruiser

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Bush bean Hawaii Green Cruiser

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Small extra fine bean of beautiful quality. The cordless pods, of a medium green colour, are straight and crispy in the mouth. Barely cooked, it is tender under the tooth. The plant is robust and produces an abundant harvest. Hawaii has its place in every garden.

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Cultural practices : sow the beans from mid-May to the end of July, make sure that the danger of frost on the ground has passed, as the seeds are fragile. To germinate, they need a ground temperature of at least 18 ° C, but no more than 24 ° C. Germination of seeds will be poor if they are planted too early or if the soil is too wet.

Soil : it prefers light, well-drained soil.

Spacing : space the seeds 5 cm to 8 cm in rows 50 cm apart.

Growing tips : for a continuous harvest, sow every two weeks until July. Fertilize them well without allowing the seeds to come into contact with concentrated fertilizer. Too much nitrogen will cause too much foliage and few pods. They call for watering in dry weather and for full sun.

Harvest : harvest them regularly to encourage the production of new pods. They should not be picked after a rain or early in the morning, this will cause disease.

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