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Carrot Naval F1

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Carrot Naval F1

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Here is a new Nantes carrot that will allow you to harvest large roots early in the season and will help you maximise the space in your garden. Being a Nantes carrot, its sweet taste is sure to please you.

maturity after sowing (days)


Root shape


Internal colour

Dark Small Core

Root lenght (cm)


Neck diameter (cm)


Foliage height (cm)








Green Thumb

Cultural practices : sow it in early May for an early harvest, in mid-June for a fall harvest or even in early July for young, tender carrots at the end of the season.

Soil : it prefers a fairly rich soil without rock. Maintained humidity will promote the formation of beautiful roots.

Spacing : sow at a depth of 6 mm, in rows spaced 40 cm apart and thin out 5 cm apart. Tackle the soil well around the plants to avoid sunburn and green colouration at the crown.

Growing tips : she likes full sun or light shade. Fresh manure and green manure should be avoided, which will promote leaf development to the detriment of the roots. Root length can vary significantly under different environments and growing conditions.

Harvest : pick the carrots once variety size is reached. Harvest the carrots when they are young, otherwise they will continue to grow.

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