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Chervil Curled

Medicinal Plant
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Chervil Curled

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Chervil is easy to grow and will bring you an abundant production if it sits in a humid soil, in the shade. It is quite appreciated in cuisine to complete many types of dish, such as soups, salads, sauces, meats, etc.



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Plantation : Indoor: for early consumption, the seeds are sown in April. Chervil seeds require temperatures of around 5 to 7 ° C. Emergence is rapid, between 8 and 12 days.Outdoor: Sow it in place from May to mid-September.

Soil : Indoor: A well-drained, porous seedling soil is ideal for preventing overwatering.Outdoor: it requires a light soil, relatively rich in humus, cool and well drained to produce abundant foliage.

Spacing : sow in combs 25 cm apart. A small thinning to 10 cm on the row is sometimes necessary thereafter.

Cultural practices : hoe, weed regularly if the soil is dry to facilitate water infiltration. For continuous production, make successive sowings every 3 weeks. The first and last seedlings will prefer a sunny exposure, but seedlings made in summer will do best in the shade. Flowering and rising to seeds will thus be delayed.

Harvest : about 6 weeks after sowing, picking begins! Cut the leaves as needed. Chervil, like many aromatics, keeps quite well in the freezer. When the small umbels appear, you can stop harvesting the foliage: the leaves are tastier before flowering.

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Latin name

Anthriscus cerefolium

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