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Cucumber Burpless No. 26 F1

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Cucumber Burpless No. 26 F1

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Recommendations : Indoor sowing : 3 weeks before transplanting in the garden. (*) Outdoor sowing : You can also sow directly in the garden. (*) (*) From 7 to 10 days after the date of the last ground frost.

A grand English-type highly productive cucumber. This variety is very digestible and renowned for its long fruits, tender and sweet flesh with soft skin (no peeling required).

Maturity after sowing (days)


Fruit size (cm)

38-40 x 4,6

Flowering habit





Treated and Organic

Green Thumb

Cultural practices : seed them indoors at least three weeks before transplanting them to the garden. Use "Jiffy" pots to reduce the shock of transplanting. When sown directly in the garden, the soil temperature should be around 16 ° C and when there is no longer any danger of frost on the soil.

Soil : they require light, well-drained soil.

Spacing : put five to six seeds in mounds in full sun and space them 1.5m to 3m in all directions.

Growing tips : before transplanting, water the soil well. It is advisable to use a dark mulch to protect the seeds and increase the soil temperature. The cucumber and the pickle are climbing plants which are of course cultivated in a trellis if you have limited space or on the ground if you want straighter fruit.

Harvest : table cucumbers are harvested from 15 - 20 cm in length and pickles at 2.5 - 7 cm.

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Rival plant

Swiss chard, squash, mint, sage, rosemary, rue, savory, sage, tomato

Companion plants

dill, broccoli, chamomile, celery, kohlrabi, chives, cumin, fennel, lettuce, marjoram, okra, oregano, peas, radish

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