Greenhouse Pepper Dexter F1

Greenhouse Pepper Dexter F1

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Bell-type red pepper. Dexter ripens fast, giving you the pleasure of quickly tasting a fresh and crispy pepper, directly from your greenhouse. Replacement for the Riazor variety.

Maturity after tranplantation (days)


Fruit shape


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9.5 X 9






Untreated / Germplus

Cultivation mode

Plantation : We start in mid-March to allow the plant to develop. Then the seedlings then enter the heated greenhouse. Containers filled with peat substrates are placed in a bright and warm area. The temperature should be maintained at 24 °C - 28 °C. The soil should also be heated to allow germination. As soon as 8-10 leaves appear. The plant should be healthy, with no discolouration on the leaves or stems, and have at least seven leaves and a developed flower bouquet. The optimum height is 25 cm.

Soil : The soil should have a flexible structure, be rich in humus, permeable and slightly acidic with a pH of 6 to 6.8.

Spacing : The optimal spacing is 60–80 cm and 30–50 cm between rows.

Cultural practices : When growing, adjust the temperature and humidity of the air inside the greenhouse. Allow the fruits to come naturally, but watch their appearance. When the fruits are well formed, prune the secondary branches that bear them, one leaf above the last fruit. Cutting the shoots will facilitate constant access to light, which is very beneficial for rapid and better colouring of the fruit. Remove damaged shoots as soon as possible so that they do not interfere with the plant and increase the risk of disease. Fruits grow larger as they benefit from light from every angle. In a cool climate, when the foot has 12 to 15 peppers cut the top off the main stem. This pinching will stop the formation of new fruits, but also of promoting the ripening of those already present.

Harvest : The harvest period is from August to October, and depending on the maturity you can get yellow peppers, green peppers, orange peppers or red peppers.

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