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Lavender Munstead

Cut flowers
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Lavender Munstead

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A beautiful, early and compact lavender.



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Plantation : Indoor: sow 11-13 weeks before the last frost. Maintain the temperature between 15-18 ° C. Germination time is approximately 14 days.Outdoor: direct sowing in mid-May.

Soil : Indoor: A well-drained, porous seedling soil is ideal for preventing overwatering.Outdoor: a light, well-drained, rather calcareous soil, and thrives in stony or sandy soils. However, it will adapts to any good garden soil.

Spacing : 40-60 cm in the row and 60 cm between the rows.

Cultural practices : to promote root development during transplantation. Water the plants when they have just been transplanted for the next 15 days, after which the plant will be drought resistant. Fertilize them every 3 weeks from May 15th until August 15th, which will maintain the blue colour of the flower. To ensure good growth of lavender, it is also advisable to cut the flower stems flush with the foliage after flowering, and then, in early spring, cut back the leafy stems by two thirds. Regular pruning of the lavender plant helps maintain a nice and compact clump.It is recommended to avoid severely pruning old plants or those that have not had the chance to be carefully cut and / or shortened. Because the buds will have great difficulty in breaking through the wood. In order to encourage new, more flowering shoots, perform a cleaning and renewal pruning in the spring. Plants need winter protection.

Harvest : lavender flowers are preferably picked before they are opened too much. They can easily be dried in the sun or indoors. They are appreciated for flavoring jams, salads and vinegar, do not lend themselves to freezing storage.

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Latin name

Lavandula vera