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One of the sweetest, earliest peas! Each year, this easy-to-pick, consistent variety is tested and confirmed by our gardeners as a winning choice for fresh-from-the-garden consumption, canning and freezing.

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Cultural practices : peas like to grow in a cool climate. Early varieties are sown as soon as the soil allows. Depending on your region and the variety, it may be possible to sow from the end of April until mid-May. For fall crops, sow in July and August.

Soil : rich, well-drained, sandy soil is ideal.

Spacing : peas are natural climbers and tolerate being crowded. If space is limited, use a wire mesh between double rows. Sow in double rows spaced 7 cm to 10 cm apart. Leave 5 cm between the seeds and cover them with 5 mm of soil. Make successive sowing (watch out for hot temperatures). For best results, install them on a support, such as a trellis. Do not thin the plants.

Growing tips : in order to ensure optimal emergence, the soil temperature should be between 10 ° C and 16 ° C. However, if it is too hot, 30 ° C and above, the germination rate will be reduced. Maintain constant humidity and plant in full sun. Protect with a mild fungicide during prolonged periods of humidity.

Harvest : to encourage continued production, harvest peas regularly. Peas, young and tender, taste the best.

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