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Pepper – Hot Pot-A-Peno F1

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Pepper – Hot Pot-A-Peno F1

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Recommendations :
Indoor sowing : 10 weeks before transplanting in the garden. (*)
(*) From 7 to 10 days after the date of the last ground frost.

Fun new jalapeno pepper with a compact habit perfect for growing in containers and hanging baskets. Plant sets plentiful small, green jalapeno fruits that have a traditional spicy zip. Or leave the fruits on the vine a few extra weeks and they will ripen to red for a sweet, spicy flavour. A unique trait of Pot-a-peno is how the fruit hangs down beneath the plant making it very easy to harvest without damaging the appearance or productivity of the plant.
2021 All America Selection winner.

maturity after tranplantation (days)


Fruit shape


Fruit size (cm)

8-10 x 2.5







Green Thumb

Cultural practices : seed indoors in March in light potting soil. Transplant into a pot when the seedlings have two pairs of true leaves.

Soil : light, humus-like and fresh.

Spacing : transplant to the garden, in full sun, as soon as the risk of frost on the ground has passed. Space the plants 30 cm apart in rows 60 cm apart.

Growing tips : water regularly during the flowering period. Fertilize once a month with a fertilizer rich in potassium.

Harvest : : peppers are more flavorful and nutritious when harvested when ripe. It is therefore necessary, throughout the season and especially towards the end of summer, to protect the plants from the cold and to ensure that they get the maximum amount of heat. When the frost seems to set in, harvest all the vegetables from the plants, even if they are still green. When picking, never break the peduncle. Always cut with pruning shears.

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