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Cultivated arugula, with a rich and peppery taste, without being too spicy. Good tolerance to bolting.



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Plantation : Indoor: sow three to four seeds per pots or peat pellets. Leave, one plant per container. You will only have to put the containers directly in the ground. Because transplanting stresses the plants and causes them to go to flower prematurely. Outdoor: sowing is done directly in place from May to August, when the Outdoor temperature reaches around 16 °C. Make furrows one to 2 cm deep and sow them every 3 cm or so in rows spaced 20–30 cm apart. Normally, seedlings emerge quickly and take less than a week. At the 2 or 3 leaf stage, thin out to leave only one plant every two to 10 cm. For a continuous harvest of leaves, make successive seedlings every 2–3 weeks.

Soil : Indoor: A well-drained, porous seedling soil is ideal for preventing overwatering. Outdoor: Arugula like cool, fertile, humus-rich and well-worked soil. Arugula loves the sun, but still appreciates being able to benefit from a little shade, especially in summer.

Spacing : space 10-15 cm in the row and 20-30 cm between rows.

Cultural practices : an easy-care plant par excellence, arugula requires little care other than watering it regularly if it doesn’t rain. The lack of water actually accelerates the rise to seed, which makes the leaves pricklier. As with other vegetables, weed and hoe the soil regularly. Otherwise, you need to lay down a mulch that will prevent weed growth and keep it moist. Do not hesitate to remove the flower stalks, as the seeds will reseed.

Harvest : the leaves are harvested one by one, 45 days after sowing. When they reach 10 cm, cut a few on each foot. When they have reached a maximum of 20 cm, cut the leaves at ground level which will stimulate a second growth if watering is regular. A new harvest will be possible a few weeks later. Then the leaves will get too tough. The younger the leaves, the softer they are and the less pungent they are. If your rocket has bloomed, all is not lost. Arugula flowers are eaten and have the same spicy flavour as the leaves.

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Latin name

Eruca sativa

Companion plants

asparagus, cabbage, sage