Cabbage Melissa Y.R. F1

Cabbage Melissa Y.R. F1

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This beautiful, dark green and heavy headed Savoy cabbage will surprise you. A great source of nutritive elements.

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Cultural practices : sow them indoors about 6 weeks before the expected date of the last frost. Bury the seeds 1.5 cm. Cover with soil, and water lightly. When the plants have 3 or 4 leaves, keep only the most vigorous.

Soil : prefers cool, deep, moist and rich soil.

Spacing : Plant them 10 cm deep, on small hillocks 50 cm apart. The rows should be spaced 40 to 80 cm depending on the varieties chosen.

Growing tips : Prepare the soil first by adding a good amount of compost and natural fertilizer. However, kale is content with partial shade. Keep the soil around the foot moist, but not soggy: it's a good idea to install mulch to keep the moisture deep. Water 1-2 times

Harvest : depending on the variety, it is harvested between late July and November. You have to wait until the center is the size of a beautiful curly apple.

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